Sperm Check After Your Vasectomy


Testing your Sperm after your Vasectomy

To confirm your vasectomy has worked and that you are sterile, you need to do a sperm check. Three months after your procedure we will remind you to do a sperm test. Until you have returned a negative sperm test, contraception is a must (you don’t want any surprises). Once confirmed you are shooting blanks you are good to go! No sperm, no worries.

Step Four: Test

How to check sperm after vasectomy

Sperm Testing

At Snip we offer two methods of sperm testing. You can either purchase a SpermCheck Home Testing Kit for an additional $60.00 on the day of your procedure, or arrange a laboratory test which is free. You will be able to choose which option works best for you on the day of your Snip. Our expert Docs will discuss the options with you.

Option 1: SpermCheck Home Testing Kit

SpermCheck Vasectomy is an additional option for men who prefer the convenience of home semen testing rather than taking samples to a laboratory.

Snip Vasectomy Clinics is the only provider in New Zealand that offers the option of home semen testing.

SpermCheck Vasectomy is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and shown to be as accurate as laboratory testing.*

We will send you a reminder at three months to do your home test kit. Once you have a negative result, you can rest assured you are shooting blanks and that your vasectomy has worked.

Option 2: Lab Test

If you choose the lab test, we will send you a reminder at three months to take a sample and form to the lab.

We will email you your results to confirm you are shooting blanks and no need to use alternative forms of contraception.

* No method of contraception is 100% effective. Clearance from vasectomy by either method of Semen Analysis indicates greater than 99.9% lifelong sterility.
Reading and interpretation of the SpermCheck Vasectomy result is performed by the user, Snip Vasectomy Clinic takes no responsibility for incorrect reading or interpretation of the test.

Sperm test after vasectomy

Sperm Check After Vasectomy: How long until I am sterile? Join us for part 4 of our 4-part video consultation series.

What Next?

Once you have completed your sperm test and received a negative result the process is over. You can trust that your vasectomy has worked and you are sterile. Life will go on exactly as before (minus the worries!).  If you have any further queries or concerns we are still here to assist you.