The Vasectomy Procedure


What to expect during the vasectomy procedure

The vasectomy no scalpel technique is a fast and effective, minimally invasive procedure using a laser-like device called a Hyfrecator. The state-of-the-art technology ensures that having a vasectomy with us will be quick and you’ll barely feel a thing. Within 30 minutes of arriving for your appointment, you’ll be sorted, and strutting out of the clinic as a contraceptive hero!

Step Two: Snip

What to expect during my procedure

On the day of your appointment one of our friendly team members will welcome you into the procedure room

Any Questions

Before having a vasectomy we’ll chat through the clinic notes from your phone consult and you’ll have the chance to ask any further questions

Getting Started

Then it’s time to hop onto the chopping block… Yes you can keep your socks on!


To make sure that you don’t feel a thing, we’ll use a wee bit of local anaesthetic to numb a small area of skin at the front of the scrotum

Small Incision

Once numb, a small keyhole incision about 3mm in size is made in the skin (NOT the testicle!) using the Hyfrecator device

Seal Close

Our expert Docs will then locate and seal close the vas deferens (tubes carrying the sperm) without any need for cutting or stitching

Quick and Easy

The entire procedure is undertaken through this small keyhole and all within a few minutes – easy peasy!

Vroom Vroom

Once done, you’re all good to drive yourself home

Rest & Relax

After about an hour your anaesthetic will wear off and you may experience some slight discomfort. To optimise healing and minimise bruising we recommend you ice the treated area intermittently and take the rest of the day off to chill.

The vasectomy no scalpel technique

What to expect during ‘the Snip’. Join us for part 2 of our 4-part video consultation series.

What’s next?

Once recovered, you’ll be glad to know that life will go on exactly as before (minus the worries!). The vasectomy no scalpel technique will not affect your hormones, sex life, drive or performance.

Find out what to do after having a vasectomy and when you need to get a SpermCheck test .

With a 99% effectiveness rate, the snip is by far the most successful male contraceptive option for long term birth control. In fact, vasectomies are 20 times more effective than women being sterilised and 100 times more effective than other forms of contraception.