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Our method

Pre-procedure appointment

Prior to the procedure we will ask that you watch the following consultation video. This video contains important information about the vasectomy procedure and your after-care. We will also organise for you to have a telephone consultation with one of our nurses. This is an opportunity to review any other medical conditions that might impact on the procedure as well as giving you a time to ask questions that you may still have about your vasectomy.

The video and nurse consultations are essential parts of your care with us. There is no charge for the nurse consultation and there is no obligation for you to go ahead with a vasectomy if you change your mind.


Vasectomies are performed under local anaesthesia using the modern “No-Scalpel” technique. Our technique also utilises a medical instrument known as a Hyfrecator. This allows the vas deferens (tubes carrying the sperm) to be sealed closed without the need for cutting or stitching internally.

Local anaesthesia is used to numb a small area of skin at the front of the scrotum. Once numb a small hole, a few millimetres in diameter, is made in the skin using the Hyfrecator device allowing access to the vas deferens. The entire procedure is undertaken through this small keyhole and usually takes around 15 minutes.


Immediately after your vasectomy there will be no pain or discomfort. You should not return to work the same day.

It is recommended that you do no lifting or strenuous activity for one week post procedure. If you work in non-strenuous employment you will normally be able to return to work after a day's rest. If your work is physically demanding you should wait for 1 week before returning to these duties.

There is not usually any need for a follow up appointment. Though we are available at any time if you have any concerns. You will have already been given instructions of post-vasectomy semen analysis and we will follow this up with you by either phone or email.